About Us

Unique Art Gallery's contribution to the field of tribal art forms and indigenous Indian art has been a journey in itself with the right direction and commitment towards tribal arts and artists of India. The appreciation and understanding of the arts is a focused passion at the gallery. The interest in the indigenous arts for the gallery is the heart and soul of our endeavors. We at Unique Art Gallery (Formely Must Art Gallery) believe in the aesthetics and historical significance of tribal art forms with a deep sense of responsibility to channel our efforts to give Indian Art the visibility it rightfully deserves and the environment to flourish. The creation of Must Art Gallery in 2010 was an outcome of wanting to create a commercial venture that would flourish tribal art forms and would allow indigenous artists to perform and participate at par with their contemporary colleagues. We want our patrons, both in India and overseas to be fully engaged with our mission and vision for Indian Arts and Tribal Art Forms. As for the dedicated group of connoisseurs that already existed, Unique Art Gallery aimed to provide a one-point place for conversations and interactions that maintains international standards allowing for a wholesome experience- both for the collectors and artists alike.

At Unique Art Gallery we sustain and nourish our commitment towards tribal arts and tribal art forms we have endeavored to create ancillary channels. Publications are the best reference material and documents to capture living knowledge traditions, which will sustain much after the artwork perishes. Our Catalog and the book Contemporary Expressions: Art of the Jogi Family talks about the genesis and growth of tribal arts and its forms. The publications have been widely circulated and appreciated by patrons and scholars. We are constantly growing and innovating to meet the needs of the changing times lies in the conjunction with the true soul of indigenous cultures and their peoples.

Unique Art Gallery's engagement to take forward the efforts and outcome of all these years is ongoing. Unique Art Gallery is an odyssey of bringing together artists and patrons in celebration of the myriad form and expressions of India's indigenous art forms.

About The Art & Artists

Usually confined to museum collections, Gond Art is now finding a place on the gallery walls as well. If last year Mumbai gallery Chemould and Pundole hosted a show of works by Jangarh, his wife Nankusi, son Mayank and daughter Japani, Pundole Art Gallery too held a show of Gond artists with the likes of Bhuribai. In May, in Delhi, London-based W+K Exp gallery had an exhibition of Gond sculpture, Dog Father, Fox Mother, their Daughter & Other Stories and in Kolkata’s CIMA Gallery tribal artists feature regularly in the mainstream shows.

We would like to give the reference of Sotheby’s auctions, where in September Jangarh’s work Landscape with Spider sold at a whopping Rs 14.5 lakh

  • Bhajju Shyam’s London Jungle Book, published by Tara Publishing has made him a household name in many countries
  • Mayank Kumar Shyam, the son of Jangarh Singh Shyam has already created a space for himself in the world of art. Twenty-one-year-old Mayank was featured in the book ‘Freedom’ sixty years after Indian Independence (published by Art and Heritage Foundation. 2007)
  • Nankusia’s art has been exhibited in Dubai, Japan, Sri Lanka, and other countries. In 2002 Nankusia was presented with a state-level award by the Madhya Pradesh Hasta Shilpa Vikas Nigam.
  • Venkat has traveled extensively in India and to many European Countries, where his works have been exhibited. He was awarded the Rajya Hasta Shilpa Puraskar by the Madhya Pradesh Government in 2002. He was also the coordinator for an animated film of a Gond folktale, made by Tara Douglas, which won an award in the Tallest Story Competition in Scotland.