Sadashiv Mashe is the son of one of the most renowned Indian Tribal Artist, Jivya Soma Mashe. Sadashiv has also had his work shown in many countries and has stayed In Japan for several occasions. In addition to passing on knowledge of the legends and stories of the Warli, Jivya also passed on his skills to Sadashiv.Currently he is in Paris along with his son - Kishore on an invitation to paint walls of some prominent buildings. ""This is a bhon. It is an ant-dwelling. When pralay (catastrophe) arrives, everything will be submerged and all the plants will be washed away. Then we will have to go to the ants as they have stored the seeds of all the plants in their bhon. The ants will help us farm and resume our lives. Our lives cannot be painted without the lives of animals, trees and insects,"" says Sadashiv Mashe."